Thursday, July 4, 2013

Punctured Tire? Moshe Lis Tire Repair at Tzomet Ra'anana

We realized that we had a punctured tire this morning though the tire was only partially deflated.  Of course this ruined our mid-day plans.  But more importantly, we started worrying about the potential costs of replacing the tire or getting it repaired.  This was not the first time this has happened to us so we had a rapair shop in mind.

We drove over to Moshe Lis tires, located at the southeast corner of Tsommet Ra'anana (the Ra'anana-K'far Saba junction (09)7431395).  We were met quite promptly by one of the staff.  With a quick glance at the tire, he let us know that we had a nail in the tire and that he could fix it in no time.

He pulled the tire off, pulled out the nail, fixed the tire and filled the air in all four tires - in less than 10 minutes, which included, of course, a mandatory water immersion diagnostic test to ensure that the tire had been properly repaired.

The bill?  45 N.I.S. or about $12.50 including the tax.  I'm not sure I could have even bought a coffee at a Toronto area tire repair shop while waiting to have a tire repaired - at that price.  The service was quick, efficient and, most importantly, accurate.   This was really, probably, the least painful car repair I can remember going through in many years.

I am told by a very close personal source (who has used Moshe Lis several times) that they will come within 10 minutes to just about any location in the Hasharon region of Israel and fix a tire at the same price.

I have no relationship with these folks - other than as an arm's length customer - but I have to say I was quite impressed with the service, the process and the value.  In fact, we even felt that we had to provide a tip to the guy who did all the work.  I'm not totally sure whether this was appropriate or not but he didn't seem to mind.

Unfortunately, if you are stuck with a flat tire elsewhere in the country, the general expectation is that you will change the tire and get it repaired yourself, even if you are driving a vehicle that you have rented from one of Israel's major rental companies.  If you are here as a tourist, you certainly would not expect to dail a 1-800 number and have a CAA equivalent show up within 15 minutes.

But that is all a digression for visitors.  Moshe Lis is really for those who live in or are staying in the Ra'anana-Herzliah-Hod Hasharon area and find themselves needing a quick tire repair.  Based on the few times that we have used their services, it is difficult to see how another shop would do a better job.


  1. Doubt you can get out for less than $50-75 at a US tire shop by the time they add mandatory environmental and shop fees. And of course they won't want to actually FIX it but will try and sell you a new set of four while telling you how dangerous it is to drive with a repaired tire.

  2. I am currently staying at my daughter's place in Ra'anana, looking after her children while she has to return to Canada. I took my granddaughter to a play date yesterday, went to pick her up 2 hours later only to find that my car had a flat tire. Luckily, I found this blog on the Internet for Moshe Lis Tire Repair and called them. Within 15 minutes I had a call from one of their service people saying that he was downstairs at the apartment building. He quickly removed the flat tire, and put on the spare. I followed him to his shop where he quickly repaired the damaged tire and put it back on the car. The whole process only cost me 45 shekels. Unbelievable!!! I cannot recommend this company enough. Call them at 09-743-1395 if you need a tire repair in Ra'anana, Israel. I doubt you will be disappointed.