Thursday, April 25, 2013

"President Obama" Flogging McDonald's in Israel - a Must See

Check out this Israeli TV ad for McDonald's. McDonald's Israel Ad.  It's rather amusing.  If you don't want me to spoil it, watch the ad before reading any further...

The ad features a smiling likeness of President Obama saying "God bless Israel" at the end of the ad - and "God bless McDonald's Big America Meal" (one of the featured meals in McDonald's Israel).  It is being run constantly on Israeli TV.  I find it both interesting and amusing - and maybe somewhat surprising that a major corporation would use a likeness of the U.S. President in a commercial TV ad.  I'm surprised that McDonald's of Israel has not received some sort of cease and desist letter - or if they have they haven't acted on it.

I tend to doubt that President Obama authorize the ads, even though he is known to enjoy the odd stop at a McDonald's, though perhaps not as much as former President Clinton.  

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