Saturday, January 19, 2013

Rami Kleinstein Zappa Jerusalem Jan 18, 2013

I wrote a detailed review of a Rami Kleinstein concert at the Zappa Club in Jerusalem on November 6, 2011. Last night, January 18, 2013, we went back to Zappa to see him again and I'm not sure I have much to add.  The concert was simply excellent, once again!

This picture was taken from the front row.  If you arrive early enough at Zappa, you have your choice of seats.  We were seated in the first row, right next to the stage.  One of two young women sitting next to us got up and danced with Rami on stage.

The show was about two hours long and it was energetic, musically interesting, and, overall, quite entertaining.  The menu at Zappa has undergone some changes and probably wasn't quite as good as the last time we were here.  But the venue is tremendous. The sound is excellent and the atmosphere is just pefect for a concert.  And the Jerusalem location is Kosher, though the menu is certainly not cheap!  So we had lots to eat and drink and enjoyed a great evening of musical entertainment. 

Zappa has locations in Herzliah, Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv, though only the Jerusalem location is Kosher.  You can join the club for an annual fee, which includes a credit towards a pair of tickets, some food for your first show and a discount on all other concerts.  Even as a member, tickets for these shows can be in the range of 100 to 200 N.I.S. - and the food can easily cost more than that if you eat a full meal at the club.  But the venues are small so you have the opportunity to see an entertainer in a very intimate setting.  Shlomo Artzi recently announced a series of Zappa concerts but apparently he sold them out quite quickly.

We have now seen Rami Kleinstein twice at the Jerusalem location.  I'm sure we would enjoy seeing other performers at the various Zappa locations, though price-wise, these are certainly special evening events.
Rami Kleinstein at Zappa in Jerusalem, Jan 18, 2013

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